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Community Health Needs Assessment English
Community Health Needs Assessment

Edwards County Hospital and Edwards County Health Department has collaborated for the following Community Health Needs Assessment to target the residents of Edwards County.

The assessment focuses on individual household strengths and challenges, the needs of Edwards County and those of Edwards County Hospital and Edwards County Health Department.

We value your opinion as we strategize and plan to meet anticipated needs. Please be assured that you cannot be identified through your assessment responses. Any personal information will be gathered for statistical purposes only in order to establish trends. Thank you in advance for taking approximately five to ten minutes to answer the following questions about important health needs.
Community Health Assessment
Community Health Needs Assessment
1. Indicate your age:
2. Indicate your sex:
3. Hispanic Ethnicity:
4. Generally, how would you describe your health:
5. Which of these describes your health insurance situation? (mark all that apply):
Commercial Insurance:
Medicare supplemental:
6. Who do you consider as your Primary Health Care Provider?:
6a. If you use Edwards County Hospital/Midway Clinic services routinely,
what do you consider to be our best features/characteristics? (check all that apply):
Take interest in me:
Able to get appointment:
Friendly staff:
Good communication:
Friendly providers:
Referral to other physicians:
Knowledge and confidence:
6b. If you use Edwards County Hospital/Midway Clinic services routinely, what, if anything,
would you like to see changed? (i.e. variety of specialists, etc.) (500 character max):
7. Do you have any of these specific health issues? (mark all that apply):
Heart Disease:
Substance Abuse (drug or alcohol):
Tobacco use:
Mental/Emotional problems or conditions:
8. Do you feel you have all that you need to manage your specific health issues?:
8a. If No, what more do you need? (mark all that apply):
More information/education about my condition:
Financial assistance:
Doctor visits and/or medical supplies:
Training on how to care for my health issues:
A better support system:
In-home care:
9. Check all issues that are lacking in our county that my impact health?:
Health Care Access Issues:
Affordable health insurance:
Affordable services and programs for children with disabilities and special needs:
Dental services:
Mental health services:
More Health Professionals:
More Specialists:
Substance abuse services:
Vision health services:
General Lifestyle/Quality of life issues:
Affordable fresh/natural foods:
Affordable healthy lifestyle service/programs:
Walking paths and trails:
Support groups:
Safe affordable places to exercise and relax:
10. Are there any health education, public health services or programs
that you would like offered in our county? (500 character max):
11. During the past month, other than your regular job, did you
participate in any physical activities or exercise such as walking,
running, weight-lifting, team sports or gardening for exercise?:
11a. If Yes, how often?:
11b. If No, why not? (mark all that apply):
Not enough time in my day:
Don't know how:
No safe place to exercise in my neighborhood:
I am not healthy enough to exercise:
It's hard to stay motivated:
11c. If Other, please explain (500 character max):
12. What is your opinion regarding the following medical and mental
health issues in our county?:
Please answer using the following terms:
Minor Concern:
a concern but of considerable less importance than other issues
Moderate Concern: a concern needing attention soon but it is not urgent
or needing an immediate response
Major Concern: among the top three to five concerns needing prompt attention:
Adult Vaccinations:
Childhood Vaccinations:
Sexually Transmitted Infections:
Teen Pregnancy:
Teen Alcohol Abuse:
Mental Health Issues (i.e. Depression):
Heart Disease:
No Health Insurance:
Availability of Family Physicians:
Convenient Clinic Hours:
Availability of Urgent Care:
Access to Specialized Treatment:
Available Health Care Transportation:
In-home Care:
Long Term Care:
Drug and Alcohol Abuse:
Availability of Women's Health Care:
Availability of Men's Health Care:
Public Health Services:
Translation Services:
Emergency Medical Care:
Affordable Prescription Services:
Availability of Medical Equipment (crutches, wheelchairs, commodes, etc.):
15. In your own words, what do you believe to be the most important health or
medical issues confronting Edwards County residents? (500 character max):
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