Tuesday, May 30, 2023 
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Healthcare can be defined by many words and in many ways, but at Edwards County Medical Center it all comes down to one primary description: Healthcare is about relationships.

When living in a rural, farm-based county, looking out for one another is the root of what we call “good neighboring.”  When things are going well, we look for ways to celebrate together, and when things aren’t going so well there are neighbors in the driveway ready to pitch in.

I remember reading a novel years ago that stated “Good fences make good neighbors.”  In creating the ECMC mantra of ‘Neighbors Caring For Neighbors’, we took it to mean doing our part in Edwards County to uphold our section of the fences.

Good fences are all about a good relationship.  A good culture to work in, or to seek services from, comes from good relationships.  Being able to count on your neighbors, every time comes from good relationships.

And as you know, a good fence is only effective if it is complete.  A mile of good fence renders itself ineffective if twenty yards of it are down or missing.  We want our commitment – and our fences - to be full circle and uncompromised.

To honor this commitment to you, our neighbors, we focus on providing great quality healthcare, a diverse choice of Doctors, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners, along with a growing list of specialists you can see right here without having to travel very far when you already don’t feel so good.

Here at ECMC, we own our responsibility and fully understand that how we run this business effects every one of our neighbors in the community chain.

This year, ECMC is about strengthening our ability to neighbor, to solidify our goals and mission, to make sure the folks in our great county and surrounding region understand to the fullest term that we are committed to be in a relationship with you: This is YOUR healthcare center, your county, your pride, and all of our fences.  Let’s own this together as we demonstrate what it truly means to communicate “Good fences make good neighbors” in Edwards County.

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